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Something blue wedding gift box
Birdemaid or Maid of Honor gift box
Cocktail Lovers Wedding Hamper

‘Hamper Life Unwrapped’ is a feature blog to introduce and give you an insight into the amazing talented and creative women behind some of our most curated gift hamper businesses.

What inspired them to start a gifting business? They share some of their proudest moments and some of their favourite products.

In our Featured Interviewed, we took time out with the lovely Kairi from Silk & Bubbles, to share with us her story, some of her range and what makes these luxurious bridal gift boxes different from the rest!

Question 1:  Tell us a bit about you?

What you see is what you get really. A nomad, a food lover, a baker, a wife and a gift maker. I like simple things in life but appreciate finer details and quality over quantity. I love making gifts and making people happy.

Question 2: Tell us about your business?

Silk & Bubbles is a small business in Sydney, NSW catering for a bridal market across Australia. We provide luxury hampers and robes for a bridal party: whether it is to surprise someone special on their wedding day or ask a good friend to be your bridesmaid/maid of honour.

Our gift hampers contain carefully selected luxury items such as champagne, handmade soy candle, bridal robes, artisan chocolates and more.  All gifts come in a lovely metallic box and accompanied by a complimentary greeting card with your personal message.

We love to support Australian small business and with that said, most items in our gift boxes have been sourced from some awesome ladies who run their own gigs.

Question 3:  What inspired you to start your business?

When I was planning my own wedding, I met some lovely vendors along the way who genuinely enjoyed their jobs and seemed very happy. I wanted to nab a piece of that happiness and be part of that wedding bubble. There is something magical about looking two people in love getting married, and being surrounded by brides, groom, their friends and families. It is such a good feeling. So much love and happiness.

I have always liked making gifts and making people happy and at the time when I started out, there was hardly anyone just specialising on a bridal market or niched down. Hence the thought to just focus solely on this audience, to offer unique luxury items handmade where possible, and with a luxurious finish. It is not just about throwing together a mix of stuff but carefully planning every detail from colour and look to packaging.

Question 4:  How would you describe the products/wares you use in your gift hampers/boxes?

Apart from bubbles, all products are unique and carefully selected. These are not items you can just go and pick up in a supermarket. We like finding new suppliers who have something different and appealing to your senses. We are supporters of small business and women in business where we can.

Question 5:  What do you believe makes you ‘stand out’ from the rest?  What is unique about you?

To be honest, it’s quite hard to stand out. When I had the idea and started out, there were not that many hamper businesses around but now a year later it seems that there are more competitors cropping up every day. I do not really focus on the “rest” but what we are doing and how we can do things better. As mentioned before, Silk & Bubbles only focuses on Bridal market. We want to offer the quality and only the best selection of items in our gift hampers.

We try to differ our product range as much as we can, though at times it might not be possible. I must admit when I see the same item in a competitor’s hamper, I straight away feel I want to make the item redundant in our hampers but then that would mean changing the content every month and it would probably not go down well with our customers.

Question 6:  What are your Top 4 favourite hampers/gift boxes in your collection?  

We have recently revamped  our website and online shop and launched a few new hampers.   The classic  and  and the new .

  • The Fine Gentleman groom’s gift hamper is new to our range and something which I think many grooms would be delighted receiving on their big day.
  • Something Blue is a bridal hamper to add that ‘blue’ element to someone’s big day
  • A Little Love is a bridesmaid’s and/or maid of honor hamper for that fabulous bridal party
  • Cocktail Lovers is a wedding hamper for the happy couple

Click right on the image above to see these gorgeous favourites.

Question 7:  What has been one of your proudest moments / wins in your business?

We’re still in very early stages and still working towards that proud moment. Every order we receive, is a win for us, and every new follower on social media, is a little step closer to something big but if I need to point out something, then a few collaborative photo shoot I have organised and been part of and having our content published on Polkadot.com.

Question 8:  What has been your experience so far with being part of the Hamper Life family?

We have only been part of the Hamper Life for a short time but it’s been great! Angela has done a great job gathering all hamper businesses into one location and getting her name out there. It is a great exposure for Silk & Bubbles and no doubt, will convert to sales. We are glad to be part of this awesome community.

Question 9:  Where do you see your business in 5 years?

OMG! It’s good to have a dream and some direction in life but I am also very realistic. Ideally, of course we want to be bigger and better, to be known more and to make more people happy.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Kairi and giving us an insight into what makes you tick!

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