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‘Hamper Life Unwrapped’ is a feature blog to introduce and give you an insight into the amazing talented and creative women behind some of our most curated gift hamper businesses. For this interview we took time out with the gorgeous sisters, Sevasti & Nicole from Dorology, to share with us their unique & exquisite style and products, their brand and what makes Dorology stand out from the rest!

Question 1:  Tell us a bit about you?

We are sisters in real life and also the Co-Founders of Dorology and have both had successful careers in Banking and Finance for over 17 years. Nicole comes from a diverse banking career mainly in sales roles and Sevasti has a strong background in IT and Finance.

Whilst we both have different styles and tastes, we’ve always shared the same passion for exquisite gifts, unparalleled packaging with a discerning eye for ‘the next coveted brand’. From a young age, both of us gained a reputation among our family and friends as ‘having great intuitive flair’ for purchasing amazing gifts and beautifully arranged packaging.

Question 2: Tell us about your business?

Dorology is a Greek term that means the ‘art of gifting’. What is ‘the art of gifting’ you ask? It’s placing the glamour, luxury and style into unique and special gift collections for any discerning gift recipient that seems to ‘have it all’.

We’ve thought of everything. From the gift card, to the package the gift is housed in, Dorology’s creativity (where gifts are concerned) leaves even the hardest to please gift recipient, ‘wowed’ and ‘excited’.

Question 3:  What inspired you to start your business?

We’ve always shared the same passion for exquisite gifts.  As a family owned, Australian online gifting company, our philosophy is best described by this famous quote from The Great Gatsby: “The parties were bigger. The pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper”.

The Great Gatsby, inspired by the Art Deco/1920s era in New York, is a great inspiration for us at Dorology. Every aspect of life during this era infused creativity, glamour, boldness and luxury into the home, work and individuals. We believe a person’s personality is often reflected in the gift they choose to give to someone special in their life. That’s how Dorology was born.

Question 4:  How would you describe the products/wares you use in your gift hampers/boxes?

A lot of thought, dedication and worldwide sourcing have been invested in creating our exquisite gift collections. When selecting a gift collection (to be a part of the Dorology range), we carefully choose gifts that are unique, not readily available, both luxurious and visually stunning. We stock gifts from luxury, world reknowned brands such as Ted Baker, Kate Spade, Vera Wang and Missoni to name a few.

We always consider the fussiest of gift recipients, gender, personality, lifestyle and even occasion types. Our gift collections are themed and heavily inspired by the Art Deco/Great Gatsby era and coupled, match a broad range of individual gift recipients.

Question 5:  What do you believe makes you ‘stand out’ from the rest?  What is unique about you?

We believe we offer a first class experience from our streamlined website to the luxury complimentary packaging. We source the most luxurious well known much coveted brands and our gift collections generally last forever unlike other hampers and generally used as keepsakes making them even more memorable.

Question 6:  What are your Top 4 favourite hampers/gift boxes in your collection?  

They would be;

  • The Garden Lover Collection
  • The Ultimate Kate Spade New York Collection
  • The Stylish New Mum Collection
  • The Ted Baker Men’s Travel Collection

Click right on the image above to see these gorgeous favourites.

Question 7:  What has been one of your proudest moments / wins in your business?

  • Featuring in the Qantas Travel Insider December Issue which promotes gifting and travel for Christmas
  • Partnering with the National Heart Foundation across various events and initiatives particularly the June Awareness Campaign in 2017 which was a specific campaign led by Dorology
  • Assisting Andrew Morello from Yellow Brick Roads/Apprentice Winner with his corporate gifting needs

Question 8:  What has been your experience so far with being part of the Hamper Life family?

It is an absolute privilege and pleasure working alongside Hamper Life.  There is a genuine desire in assisting us with our brand and awareness and meeting our company’s short to long term objectives.  We are delighted to see the positive impact Hamper Life has had on our business.

Question 9:  Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We see ourselves as becoming as big as the ‘Daily Edited’ or ‘Red Balloons Day’, to go global and to start our own Dorology branded products of beauty, stationary and home wares.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions girls and giving us an insight into what makes you tick!

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