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‘Hamper Life Unwrapped’ is a feature blog to introduce and give you an insight into the amazing talented and creative women behind some of our most curated gift hamper businesses.

What inspired them to start a gifting business? They share some of their proudest moments and some of their favourite products.

In our Featured Interviewed, we took time out with the lovely Deborah from Crystal Hampers, to share with us her story, and how a traumatic time in her life turned into the concept and creation of her business.

Question 1:  Tell us a bit about you?

I am a non-practicing Economist by trade but am an Entrepreneur both by trade and at heart. I love creating something worthwhile out of nothing. I love the drive and the process. I love helping people because of what I do. I love inspiring others, no matter how seriously tough the road gets.

But my most important and challenging role to date is that of being a mother and a wife. I was so busy climbing corporate ladders because that was what I was told I should do, that I forgot to live and never thought I would ever experience either. So, I am a very blessed older mum (after years of IVF) and so lucky to have an incredible husband. And now anything that I do has much more meaning and is entirely because of them. I want my boys to grow up knowing that anything is possible despite the roadblocks, setbacks and trauma along the way with a strong sense of right and wrong to serve their choices.

Question 2: Tell us about your business?

We are in the business of hope, and surprises with an element of ‘oohs and ahhs’ as if it were Christmas, at a time that life might not be feeling so peachy.

We have created a gift that conveys sentiment that you cannot manufacture or package. In the past we made luxury food hampers with all the elements made by us. In those days it was all about the branding.

Today it is about the purpose. The message. And the heartfelt thoughts that are given with the gift of crystals. We want to make crystals accessible, especially for those not into crystals. You certainly don’t need to be a ‘hippie’. There are no mentions of spiritualism, or healing or any references to changing your lifestyle. You can simply enjoy them for their beauty and their meanings, or investigate further.

With a Crystal Hamper we are simply igniting a crystal journey, creating intrigue if you will. The rest is up to you.

Question 3:  What inspired you to start your business?

We came to the Sunshine Coast to be near family and for a lifestyle change for a fresh start after significant life changing trauma only to me met with more significant life changing trauma which forced us to shelve the paleo food manufacturing business we came to set up.

I am at a point in my life that I am lucky to be here and am grateful that my boys still have their mum and my husband his wife. It was during my battle with Cancer that I was introduced to crystals through the treatment of Reiki and then the purchase of one single heart shaped crystal of Rose Quartz for my then 5 yr. old.

At the time others around us where experiencing their own life battles so I sent them a few birthstone crystals and their meanings. WOW what a response! Without realising it, I had conveyed a message of hope and that I was thinking of them without judgement. And given our food hamper experience – ‘voila’ Crystal Hampers was born!

Question 4:  How would you describe the products/wares you use in your gift hampers/boxes?

We have created an experience like opening presents as a child on Christmas morning. No matter what size hamper you receive, there are numerous items to open and explore. From the personal card from the sender, to the scroll written in script, the carefully wrapped crystals especially selected for a purpose or your birth sign that are cleansed and tuned, through to the crystal meanings, and other items such as our signature wooden crystal storage box, incense holder with Swarovski crystal embellishment or beautiful hand-cut suncatcher.

All culminating to enhance the message and crystal experience because of our attention to detail. We source local Noosa and surrounds first, then Brisbane, then other states of Australia before heading overseas for our hamper needs.  Every single item in the hamper is either: Reusable, Recyclable, bio-degradable or vegan friendly, including all elements of the shipping materials.

Question 5:  What do you believe makes you ‘stand out’ from the rest?  What is unique about you?

‘Slow living’ is the new buzz word. But is it really real or realistic? Add husband, babies or kids, business, health, pets, friends, family, extended family, issues, their issues, technology, life….truly which bit is slow? Which bit would you allow to slow down without letting it suffer? When you experience compounded life trauma (yes that’s therapy terminology!), getting back to basics is all you have. My husband and I call it ‘simple pleasures’.

I am active on Instagram and I’ve come to realise that many do not understand the premise of a ‘simple pleasure’ because they haven’t had to draw on its strength. Please use/milk my life lesson! Incorporate simple pleasures into your day and you will have more balance in your life. A simple pleasure can be a walk in nature. Enjoying sunshine on your face at lunch time.  A run on the beach. A messy bun day with no makeup.

A Crystal Hamper is also a simple pleasure. A piece of nature with a touch of luxury. A caring thought from a friend when words fail us. Simple pleasures can cost nothing or be lavishly expensive. A Crystal Hamper is priced – starting at $40 delivered FREE anywhere in Australia to make it accessible.

We are the alternative when flowers or food hampers will simply not do. So many people have told us that they love crystals but NEVER share it with others for fear of judgement. We are removing this stigma and making crystals accessible without having to walk into a shop you would normally walk by.

Question 6:  What are your Top 4 favourite hampers/gift boxes in your collection?  

We have a great range and can tailor them to suit any budget starting from as little as $40.00 or go a little luxe at $125.00.  Some of my favorites are:

  • The Empowerment Hamper is by far our most popular – all 3 sizes, and the KIDS Empowerment Hamper. This hamper is given for health battles, bullying, or simply struggling with life in some way.
  • Zodiac (birth sign) of the month for birthdays (for self or for gifting)
  • The Home & Family Hamper for new babies or new home.
  • The Workplace Hamper

Question 7:  What has been one of your proudest moments / wins in your business?

In the past I used to get thank you’s and lovely notes for the work we used to do helping people cater for their functions and dinner parties or food hamper requirements. With Crystal Hampers I get hugs like I thought not possible. Silent hugs but oh so meaningful.  I get notes from people struggling to find the words for what I have done for their loved one.

I absolutely did not think I would ever touch hearts and have mine equally touched in the process. I have always been product driven. A product to service a need. A Crystal Hamper is a paradigm shift in gift giving. I could never have set out to achieve any of that and something so intangible.

Question 8:  What has been your experience so far with being part of the Hamper Life family?

Angela has been nothing short of the ultimate professional in my dealings with her and in what she has created. I love her passion and being surrounded by so many lovely businesses doing gorgeous things so people can gift differently and thoughtfully. She too has created a paradigm shift by bringing us together under one roof.

Question 9:  Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Now that’s a very big question given the journey I have been on.

I was always driven by goals and plans/achievements/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly and long term. Right now I live for the moment which is at odds with everything I know, have been trained in and am surrounded by but I am largely dictated by my health.

Looking too far down the track has meant I’ve missed out on so many things along the way. I have a family now so our goals are family goals. The business will just have to fit in. Sure we have exciting long term plans for the business. However, committing the best laid plans to paper only fosters significant disappointment for me when they go off track. So, I am seeing where the business takes us as a family which feels more exciting as we are sharing the journey.

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