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‘Hamper Life Unwrapped’ is a feature blog to introduce and give you an insight into the amazing talented and creative women behind some of our most curated gift hamper businesses. For this interview, we took time out with the lovely Susan from Boxed Indulgence, to share with us her products, some of her range and what makes Boxed Indulgence stand out from the rest!

Question 1:  Tell us a bit about you?

I was born in Kalgoorlie and spent a great portion of my life there. Once married we relocated to The South West for a “seachange”, after following my sister, who had moved here previously.

With my husband being a FIFO, this is the perfect spot to live, relax and enjoy some amazing produce.

Question 2: Tell us about your business?

Boxed Indulgence is a Gourmet Hamper business, that takes the high quality artisan products from the Margaret River Region and brings them together to create beautiful hampers.  I really wanted to showcase what we offer to the rest of the country and be able to present it in a way that it can be shared and enjoyed by all.

All these gorgeous products are all enclosed in a stylish black magnetic git box that can be posted to anywhere in Australia for all to enjoy WA’s finest.

Question 3:  What inspired you to start your business?

There was an opportunity to purchase an already existing gift hamper business from a friend.  After thinking it through and adding my own touch and style to it, I decided to go through with the purchase and re-branded it to specialise in Margaret River Regional products.

Question 4:  How would you describe the products/wares you use in your gift hampers/boxes?

The products selected to create these delicious gourmet hampers are all produced and crafted by artisans here in the beautiful South West. They are truly passionate about what they do and the products they produce and have so much love and care for it all.

I am just so thrilled and honoured that I have the opportunity to showcase them in my hampers and sharing them across the country with all you lovely people.

Question 5:  What do you believe makes you ‘stand out’ from the rest?  What is unique about you?

Our uniqueness is that all of the products used are made in the South West/ Margaret River Region. This includes places such as Denmark, Eaton, Busselton and Margaret River.

Question 6:  What are your Top 4 favourite hampers/gift boxes in your collection?  

They would be;

  • Taste Indulgence Hamper
  • Nibble Box Hamper
  • Cupcake Bouquet
  • Magnificent Margaret River

Click right on the image above to see these gorgeous favourites.

Question 7:  What has been one of your proudest moments / wins in your business?

For me, every time I receive an order is a win for the business and the producers. It means that someone gets to experience the fabulous products available here in the area.

Question 8:  What has been your experience so far with being part of the Hamper Life family?

Hamper Life has helped me to reach exposure that I wouldn’t have normally been able to. Being featured in YMag was something that was only a pipe dream. And no doubt bigger things are on the horizon.!

Question 9:  Where do you see your business in 5 years?

The 5 year question! I have thought a lot about this and would like to have the business in a place that it is successful, and has highlighted the South West Region as one of the “go to” places in the world!!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Susan and giving us an insight into what makes you tick!

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