Welcome To Hamper Life

Hamper Life prides itself on being your one stop shop for all things Gift Hampers in Australia. After spending a day shopping online for the perfect Gift for Fathers Day, I realised that my precious time could have been used more productively. I had 20 browser tabs open of possible Hampers to choose from, but not real direction. I just picked one and hoped for the best. 

That is when I knew that surely I can't be the only one trawling Google for that illusive Gift for a loved one. So, Hamper Life was born. A curated collection of Australia's best Gift Hampers, all conveniently showcased in the one place just for you. 


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Louise East Director of More To Mum

"I think your site is beautiful and I love that you have some really unique options there. I have spent a lot of time looking for gift hampers in the past and often struggled to find what I want. I love having the option to customise a hamper so it’s great you have this option.  I will definitely shop via your site again." 

Kate Stevens Verified Customer

“I just purchased from one of the hamper companies through your directory and they were amazing.  Fab service, so much so I was literally blown away”