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Hamper Life Corporate Packages

As part of our exclusive directory your business will be featured on our website in a unique format that will display your business in the best possible light and appeal to the Corporate clientele. Our business directory is not like typical directories where you are a logo and a blurb. We take the time to list your business with care, ensuring there is plenty of information provided to entice and encourage our Corporate visitors to click through to your site.

After all, your success is our success and we aim to ensure that you land both those ‘massive & lucrative’ once-off accounts but more importantly create those ongoing, volume driven, recurring, scaleable and repeatable accounts for you to ensure longevity of your fabulous business.  Hence why we believe that our packages are extremely well-priced and competitive and are truly targeted to your ideal audience for maximum exposure.

We will include images of your business and your favourite/popular products, a generous ‘write up’ about your vision and what you stand for and of course your logo or chosen main image. We will intermittently share your business & products on our social media platforms for added brand exposure as well as be a partner in any promotions you wish to run.


  • Feature Listing on Hamper Life Corporate Directory
  • Unlimited selection of Industries / Occasions
  • Your own ‘Boutique Page’ which will include the following:
    • Showcase your brand/products/images with 6 Primary Featured Products (which will include an Image, Name of the Hamper/Box, an approx. ‘from $$’, description of what’s included and then a direct link to the product straight to your website)
    • Include all links to download or direct customers to your Look Book or Brochure
    • Include all your contact details and links to your website
    • A direct online enquiry/quote form to allow the customer to get in direct contact with you with any questions or orders after browsing your Boutique Page.
  • Intermittent Social Media Shout Outs (LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook)
  • Assist in creating more brand exposure towards your target market.
  • Recurring Monthly Payment - so you can set and forget knowing your business is always listed
  • Starting from Only $59.95 per month
  • Easy sign up process
  • Ongoing assistance and support by the team at Hamper Life


  • As part of being on the Corporate Directory, we also offer a FREE Gifting Concierge Service to our Corporate clients.  This means that your business is showcased during these client meetings to see if they resonate and connect with your brand and wish to work with you.
  • If they chose to select you for their gifting requirements, we loop you in to the discussions to ensure we capture their needs, vision, messaging, personalisation and branding.  So great for the Corporate client and great for you.

Corporate Deluxe Package - 6 Months

  • $49.95 per month for 6 months


$45.95 per month for 6 months (8% discount)

Corporate Superior Package - 12 Months

  • $69.95 per month for 12 months
  • Your business & products will be added to the ‘Hamper Life Corporate Look Book/Brochure’ which is sent to Corporate Clients
  • First in line for advertising opportunities (e.g. displays at trade shows, LinkedIn Advertising)


$62.95 per month for 12 months (10% discount)

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