Benefits Of Sourcing Locally

the locavorium cocoa gift hamper sourcing locally

They always tell us to keep it local and to shop locally to keep jobs on our shores. Well there has never been a more important time to keep it local than now. Jobs are hard to come by and the local produce arena is struggling to keep up with the “cheaper” overseas imports.

So, are we really drawn to the overseas market or do consumers actually want locally sourced produce they they can associate with?

Research shows that over 80% of consumers are actually drawn to the locally sourced products, believing they are doing their bit to help the economy.

So as a business owner, are you focused on sourcing locally or do you seek the overseas competitor?

We have collated the top benefits of sourcing locally that you should be considering:

More Reactive

You never know when an opportunity will strike or a challenge will arise. For instance, you can receive a highly lucrative bid from a great customer, or an existing client may need you to ramp up in order to meet demand. Will you be ready?

If you source locally, the answer will probably be yes. That’s because local suppliers are typically more reactive than suppliers who are farther away. They are able to deliver products quicker, and it is much easier for a supplier to coordinate a shipment across the neighbourhood than around the world.

Greater Control

The further away you are from elements of your supply chain, the less control you have over them. Suppliers may say that they treat all of their customers and purchase orders the same, but if they anticipate a site visit or a drop-in meeting from you, chances are they will keep you top of mind.

Face-to-face visits will allow you to address any concerns and ensure all products meet your standards. There’s also less chance of things being “lost in translation,” which often occurs when working with far-flung teams of people, many of whom aren’t actually on the floor and touching your products.

Reduced Supply Chain Costs

If you are tightening your budget, you should consider tightening your supply chain as well. The amount of money companies spend on logistics every year is staggering.

Many of these costs can be reduced by localising your supply chain. And, with less money being sunk into logistics, there will be less weighing down your bottom line. Transportation is money and the further something has to travel, the more it will cost.

Better For Business

Local sourcing doesn’t just help save money; it can also help you generate more of it. That’s because customers in your region may be impressed by your efforts to keep up the local connection.

Integrate your commitment to local sourcing into your marketing and selling efforts. In fact, consider integrating it into your unique selling proposition. Our feature boutique The Locavorium has done this a treat with their Artisan Locally sourced hampers.

Good For The Community

It stands to reason that if sourcing locally increases your bottom line, it would do the same for other suppliers and manufacturers in your area, which can be a big bonus to your local economy and the people who live there.

Helps The Environment

Localising your supply chain represents a tremendous opportunity to help the environment. When you reduce shipping and storage, you also reduce emissions and energy usage.

Local sourcing is good for your business, your community, your friends, neighbours and even the planet. So what are you waiting for? Find suppliers near you today.


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